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Psychotherapy is a way to create a life with a sense of purpose and meaning. You may not change anything that is essential about yourself yet the world looks different, viewed from a new perspective. Life can become richer and offer more possibilities.

Were you raised with high expectations? Do you have trouble finding your groove in relationships after being conditioned in the past to focus on results and external success? For a lot of people, especially men, a rich inner world remains unexplored. People I have worked with are often able to tap into their potential to transform their emotional lives while building on what has made them successful at work.

Perhaps when you were younger, you faced situations like bullying, or having to fend for yourself more than seemed fair. You had to cope somehow, and found your way this far, but you can still be badly triggered by criticism, fearful and protective against letting others in, either by projecting a strong facade or by spacing out and feeling less connected to the people around you. Together, we can look at these sensitive parts of you with care, help you to find your way towards more fulfilling relationships where you can feel safer and more assertive.

From our earliest days we are shaped by parents and the culture we grew up in. The way we were taught and the books we read often reflected a bias framing the roles of men and women. Women are traditionally supposed to take on auxiliary roles and emotional caretakers, while men are supposed to pursue demanding leadership roles. When you don’t fit these categories, you can feel you’re falling short, feel ashamed for not meeting these stereotypes. I work to weigh the expectations and assumptions you carry around, so that you can take on fuller authorship, so you can create a  life that is your own.

Narrow beginnings, broader conclusions

Psychotherapy can help you get in touch with your emotional world so that you can develop your potential. I often start work with people on the most pressing issues they bring in, while holding in mind the broader goal of personal growth.

Through the process of therapy you can learn to build resilience and confidence, taking the power away from older patterns of self-doubt and fear. The people I have worked have often come to see themselves and their relationships in new ways and to feel a sense of personal growth, building their emotional self-awareness.

If it seems like my approach might work for you, schedule an initial phone call.

Therapy for Men who Struggle in Relationships