Therapy for Couples And Individuals

You may be here because you have become painfully disengaged from an intimate relationship.  Are you struggling to connect with someone? Are you feeling anxious or resigned? Are you losing hope? If you can relate to this, you might well have found the right place.

In my practice, I help couples, men and women feel more grounded, connected and resilient. We look at the destructive emotional states you have gotten stuck in. These patterns can be repetitive, internal thoughts or emotional cycles, and they can play out in relationships. Once we dig in, we will quickly begin to transform your relationships. You have the potential to feel more alive and connected.

Improving How You Relate to Others

Working with me can help you:

  • Build a stronger connection with others
  • Becoming accountable to yourself and others
  • Work out cross-cultural differences
  • Work on recurring relationship problems
  • Handle anxiety and stress more easily
  • Work with strong emotions like isolation, rejection, anger and depression
  • Create more awareness of your emotions and those of people who matter to you
  • Build more durable self-esteem
  • Get clear with yourself and others about boundaries

On A Personal Note…

Before moving to San Francisco, I lived overseas for much of my life. I have traveled quite a bit around Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

I welcome people of all races, cultures and subcultures to my practice!

Get in Touch

To ensure there’s a good fit, get in touch by scheduling a free 15 minute phone consultation. You may book a time for us to talk below or call me at 415-598-8956.