Therapy for Individuals and Couples

This is a time of profound change, in the climate, in the world, in our culture, in our families. It seems harder than ever to find a sense of balance, to know what really matters. The uncertainties cause us to feel overwhelmed, affects how we see our place in the world, in our intimate relationships and even how we see ourselves.

You may be reading this because despite your efforts, you cannot escape old patterns of anxiety, a tendency to isolate, feelings of disconnection and lack of appreciation by those close to you. Perhaps you are trying to hold yourself together, or hold a relationship together, and have grown fearful, or feel helpless, as things seem to be coming unraveled.

In my work, I help individuals and couples approach their problems with compassion and curiosity. I may be able to help if you need to feel more grounded, if you wish to develop a more enduring connection to those you are close to, improve how you relate at work and with the world. I can help, if you wish to heal old wounds, to resolve trauma, to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and purposefulness.

Improving How You Relate

Some of the ways I have helped people include being able to:

  • Get better at handling anxiety and stress
  • Understand emotional dynamics and resolve difficult conflicts with your partner
  • Develop a stronger sense of confidence and self-esteem
  • Work through emotional reactions and overwhelm in the face of climate change
  • Cultivate closer connections with others
  • Address old childhood and relationship injuries (complex trauma)
  • Work through cross-cultural differences in your relationships
  • Get better at handling recurring relationship problems
  • Work with strong emotions like isolation, rejection, anger and depression

On A Personal Note…

Like many others in the Bay Area, I moved here after growing up abroad. I offer a warm, steady presence, patience, curiosity and an international perspective on cultural issues. I offer a warm welcome adults of all races and identities. I am deeply concerned about climate change and how it impacts our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Starting therapy can be daunting. The only real requirement is that you bring with you some curiosity, and an interest in getting to know yourself better. Therapy can be quite individualized, and one size does not fit all. If you think we might be able to connect, get in touch.

Get in Touch

To schedule a 15 minute phone consultation, send me a secure message here. You can also email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required, or leave a voice message at 415-598-8956.

I am currently offering phone and video sessions only.