Helping Men who Struggle with Relationships

Therapy for Men who Struggle in Relationships

Are you less engaged in your intimate relationships than you want to be?  Have you gotten frustrated and downhearted when you can’t connect with a partner? If you want to understand yourself more deeply and find new ways to engage in your personal relationships and at work, get in touch. I help people to feel more secure in themselves and to increase their self-awareness. My mission is to help men improve the quality of their relationships and ultimately to lead more fulfilling lives.

Helping Men who Struggle in Relationships

Based in the San Francisco financial district, I help men who are looking to work on areas like these:

A Personal Note

Before coming to San Francisco, I lived in Australia, the Midwest and before that, grew up in the UK. I have traveled extensively around Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

The people I work with have various racial, religious, cultural backgrounds. I do work with women as well as men and welcome straight as well as gay or lesbian people to my practice. I work with individuals and couples.

Get in Touch

If you think we might be able to connect, let’s talk. For an initial phone consultation, schedule a time for us to talk.

Therapy for Men who Struggle in Relationships